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How Progressives Around the World Should Respond to Shifting Demographics

By Matt BrowneJohn HalpinRuy Teixeira

The Demographic Change and Progressive Political Strategy series

The “Demographic Change and Progressive Political Strategy” series of papers is a joint project organized under the auspices of the Global Progress and Progressive Studies programs and the Center for American Progress. The research project was launched following the inaugural Global Progress conference held in October 2009 in Madrid, Spain.

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Why Aren’t The Honest Bankers Demanding Prosecutions Of Their Dishonest Rivals?

By William K. Black

This is the second column in a series responding to Stephen Moore’s central assaults on regulation and the prosecution of the elite white-collar criminals who cause our recurrent, intensifying financial crises. Last week’s column addressed his claim in a recent Wall Street Journal column that all government employees, including the regulatory cops on the beat, are “takers” destroying America.

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Establishing local leadership and strong policy

By Robert Gibbons

Seventy four years ago the eminent Professor FA Bland called for local government to be led by one of the “strongest” ministers. Forty years later the local government historian Frederick Larcombe condemned the “‘stop-go’ tactics by alternate politically opposed governments (which have) contributed greatly towards the present ineffectiveness of the local government system”.

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Australian liberalism: the rocky road ahead

By Chris Lewis

Forget silly arguments that Australia (and the world) should embrace complete free trade and/or open national borders to immigrants, as suggested by one of Australia’s most read libertarians, Chris Berg.

While libertarians offer some useful points within their wishful thinking, common sense demands more sensible commentary that reflects the reality that we do live in a competitive world still struggling for resources and the influence of certain ideas.

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“Is ‘Social Justice’ enough for Social Democrats?”

By Dimitris Tsarouhas

Our debate on equality is useful and necessary.

Useful because it allows progressives to step a little bit back and seriously debate whether they have not succumbed to the temptations of contemporary capitalism a bit too easily. Necessary because the rejuvenation of social democracy goes through critical reflections on the past and present of its political practice.

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