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LAWCRIMEPOLITICS is committed to provide a forum for progressive political discussion, debate, ideals and action. We focus on Australia’s challenges such as immigration, climate change, law and order, justice and human rights, defence, economic growth and opportunity, education, and health care. The Blog is proudly partisan in its position to promote the articles of informed and pragmatic writers from Australia and overseas that are progressing the social democratic agenda.

We have established links with leading think tanks, political parties, activists and bloggers in Australia, the US and Europe. We publish thought provoking articles from these sources each day. Through the use of these sources we will regularly develop new policy ideas, critique conservative policy and values, and challenge the media to cover the issues that matter and direct the national debate.

LAWCRIMEPOLITICS is committed to publishing stimulating articles by the most thought-provoking authors. We encourage you to sign up to our daily post updates and to submit articles for publication. You can also continue the debate on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook!

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Progressing the Social Democratic Agenda