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How Financial Markets Finance Terrorism

by Hugh McDermott






The securities industry is no stranger to terrorists.  While criminals use the markets to launder their funds, terrorists make money by speculating.  If terrorists had ‘inside information’ about an imminent attack, they could purchase financial derivatives before the attack and make millions from the subsequent market movements.

What happens to financial markets after a terrorist attack and how terrorists make money from these market movements if they knew the attacks were about to occur is illustrated by the  suspicious trading that occurred immediately before the successful New York, Madrid and London attacks.

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Major International Leaders Plead for the US and the World to Get Smart and Stop the War on Drugs

The Commission on Drug Policy urged a shift from incarceration to consideration of a full range of alternatives, from decriminalization to legalization and regulation.

The Waldorf Astoria may be worlds away from the blood-spotted streets of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, where the “drug war” has taken over 35,000 lives; the fiefdom-like favelas of Rio, Brazil, where even the police don’t go; or Pakistan, one of the lowest-ranking on human development in the world, and neighbor to its largest opium producer. But members of the Global Commission on Drug Policy came to the famed New York hotel Friday to bring together leading thinkers and call for an end to the global “war on drugs,” whose failed policies have claimed thousands of victims around the world over the last five decades.
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