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The Australian Democrats are no template for the Australian Greens

by Patrick Baume

With the ascension of the Greens to nine seats in the Senate and holding the balance of power alone in that house, many pundits have already been keen to write them off as a potential flash in the pan like the Australian Democrats. A Party that is filling the vacuum for people unhappy, for whatever reason, with the two major players that will eventually disappear after it is faced with the cold hard pragmatics of having a real say on policy.

The Democrats did reach the same level of power in the Senate as the Greens have now in 1990 with nine seats, but the similarities end there.

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The cost of inaction on carbon emissions

by David Leigh


With so much deliberately generated uncertainty on climate change and the extenuation of same, it is little wonder that the polls show poor support for the Multi Party Committee on Climate Change (MPCCC) decision to introduce a carbon tax. The Liberal National Coalition decided not to participate and yet its’ leader, Tony Abbott has made it his prime objective to destroy the work of the MPCCC. There have been bold statements about Australia’s premature action. According to Mr Abbott, nobody else is doing anything to mitigate climate change.

One of the countries touted by the Opposition as inactive is the U.K. and yet Britain has just presented its 4th Carbon Budget. The follow up to that is the white paper “Planning Our Electric Future”.

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Climate change won’t be solved with a negative attitude

by Heather Bruer

Pricing carbon in Australia will have positive ripple effects internationally and on future generations.

Young people stand to benefit the most from the government’s new Clean Energy Future (CEF) plan to put a price on pollution. We can now look forward to clean energy jobs, less pollution and the possibility of a safe climate future. In the words of Tony Windsor: “It’s not about us, it’s not about the next election, it’s about the next generation”.

Young people deserve to inherit a world that is not plagued with extreme weather events, food and water shortages and fuel crises as a result of the inaction and irresponsibility of those before us. We are relying upon the decision-makers of today to act now to protect our future.

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Carbon tax a spur for urban renewal

by Professor Patrick Troy AO


The Carbon Tax offers a new opportunity to re-organise two most important aspect of our system of cities.

The new compact between Labor , the Greens and the independents offers a new opportunity for the Commonwealth government to re-organise two of the most important aspects of our system of cities.

The two are:

  1. urban water services, and
  2. intercity and intra-city transport systems.

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A dose of reality please! 6 Green Senators do not make a government!

by Hugh McDermott





This afternoon the newly elected Senators from the 2010 Federal Election took their place at the Commonwealth Parliament.  Amid howls of ridiculous comments from the far left that the Greens would soon replace the Labor Party as the main left party in Australia to Conservative and  right wing commentators declaring that Bob Brown was the new Prime Minister…….what a load of crap from a bunch of clowns!

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