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The pitfalls of third party power…

By Zach Davis-Hancock

When a third political party gets the chance to govern, there are often dire political consequences. The latest example of this phenomenon is the 11% local government swing against the UK Liberal Democrats who are in a power-sharing coalition with the Conservatives.

The Liberal Democrats have been lynched for the Lib-Con coalition’s cuts to public spending. The Democrats in Australia were whipped over the 1998 GST compromise. This pattern leaves many historical lessons for the future of the Greens Party, especially in dealing with the Carbon Tax.

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Winning Elections and losing their Identity – Parties in Modern Politics




By Gabor Gyori


When you talk about party organisation these days it sounds fairly simple. You get yourself a young (or youngish) candidate with a few novel (or seemingly novel) ideas, compile a team of professional campaigners, energise on-the-ground activists and undecideds and sweep the elections. Then everyone is sent home, the technocrats come in and four years later the previously revolutionary challenger repackages himself as the seasoned moderate candidate against the “extremist” candidate from the other party.

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An Australian head of state is just part of the reason for an Australian Republic

By Mike Keating and David Donovan

In a recent ABC Q&A about the Republic, former New South Wales premier Bob Carr spoke about his “ultra-minimalist” model for a Republic, in which he would change a few words of the Constitution so that the Queen was replaced by an “Australian head of state”. Most Australians will have heard republicans talk about the need to have an Australian as head of state, not a foreign monarch. Of course, installing an Australian head of state is just a part of the reason why becoming a Republic is so important for our country.

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Another Socialist Failure

by Bob Carr


Remember when Cuba enjoyed favoured status with the left? The Soviet Union edged towards collapse. China had no alternative but to go for markets and private ownership. But there was still some romance in a leader with a beard and a cigar who had stood up to the tyrannical, imperialist giant.

Couldn’t it be said that socialist Cuba had exemplary health services? Another extenuating factor: hadn’t the Marxist regime replaced a corrupt, mafia-bribed, oppressive tyranny led by a puppet of Uncle Sam, President Fulgencio Batista?

Now Cuba has fallen away, like all the other socialist citadels.

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Sideshow: The Dumbing Down of Democracy

By Peter West

Lindsay Tanner’s new book Sideshow: Dumbing Down Democracy has a lot to say about how the media are dumbing down public life in Australia. I’ll make a few quick points.

The media reduce issues so that they fit a simple frame. Often it’s good guys versus bad guys. Thus as someone who has spoken on men’s issues,I was either made part of the nasty backlash against feminism or I would have journalists trying to make me say that feminism had gone too far and it was time to fight back. Lindsay Tanner himself has been cast as a Young Turk who is attacking the current leader of the Labor Party. Why bother to read his book when you already know what to say about him? Too often, journalists are not reporting news. They are reproducing a pattern that they recognise (p.64).

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