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Why Should Rioting Young People Listen to the Elites and Mind a Social Order that Disempowers Them?


by Michelle Chen

There’s no simple explanation for the uprising in London and several other UK cities in the last week. But the riots mirror the state of working-class Britain.


After witnessing several nights of turmoil, the people of the United Kingdom are still trying to comprehend what just happened. There’s no simple explanation for this apparently leaderless and rudderless uprising in London and several other cities. But amid the grim ashes and street clashes, the message of rage has seared itself into the public consciousness, rekindling an age-old tinderbox of class warfare.

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Fail, Britannia – How did the country that taught the world good governance become so corrupt?

by Chandrashekhar Krishnan

The British are hardly the only ones who have long thought that Britain — birthplace of modern finance, law enforcement, the most widely imitated democratic system in the world, and even the very notion of “fair play” — is in a position to advise everyone else on corruption and governance. Indeed, the country ranks 20th out of 178 countries — two spots ahead of the United States — on Transparency International’s 2010 Corruption Perception Index. Its stable governance and generally robust institutions and democratic traditions make it the envy of many other countries.

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How Is British Austerity Working Out?

by Dave Johnson

The conservative government in England is trying austerity. They are using the shock-doctrine tactic of drumming up public hysteria over bad news – in this case the financial collapse and resulting downturn – and using the panic as cover to quickly impose radical anti-democracy changes before the public has time to react. How is that working out?

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The Tragedy in Norway

Here follows a comment by John McTernan, Adelaide Thinker in Residence and a former advisor to Tony Blair on the tragedy in Norway:

Travelling the world for the British govermment and the Labour Party I have met a lot of impressive fellow activists – and among them all I have liked none more than the Norwegians. Thoughtful, modest, moral – just what you hoped for, and so much more. The best of what politics has to offer anywhere. I was in Oslo in May for the Progressive Government Summit and was impressed once again by how positive and progressive the country was. So well run. So calm and sensible. This experience was in my mind when the news of the bomb attack in Oslo came through. I immediately thought how incongruous terrorism on the streets of that beautiful city was. How un-Norwegian.

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The angry white men and their motives

by Matthew Goodwin

The potent combination of anti-immigrant hostility and political dissatisfaction is at the core of understanding support for the far right. Attempts to win back support must involve not only addressing border control and economic concerns, but also confronting questions about identity and feelings of cultural threat.

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