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A Challenge to Social Democrats: Where Is Your Blueprint for Europe?

by Steven Hill

When I spoke last June in Barcelona at the annual conference of the Social Democrat/Socialists in the European Parliament, I asked the audience a rather pointed question: what is your political program and solutions for the economic crisis that distinguishes you from the center-right? Because when I read various writings and websites from social democrats, I can’t really tell. The Social Democratic message is not clear, the program is too vague, indecisive and hedging. And I don’t just mean about how to deal with the current crisis — what is your blueprint for Europe going forward?

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Industrial Revitalisation: New Drivers for Growth and Job Creation

by Allan Kristensen

Challenged by the loss of millions of jobs in old manufacturing sectors, both the EU and US desperately need to restore their economies and find new ways to growth and prosperity. Health, welfare, climate change and the environment have been noted as some of the most promising areas for new growth and job creation.

The idea is to combine the handling of major societal challenges already in need of reform with the deliberate creation of new industries in these sectors. The objective is to achieve first-mover advantages in what are expected to become global growth markets while solving important public problems simultaneously.

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