Top 10 actions showing the O’Farrell Government cannot be trusted

This month will be 12 months since the election of the O’Farrell government.

These are the top 10 actions that have demonstrated to me why the O’Farrell government cares little for the most vulnerable and cannot be trusted:

  1. Cuts to allowances for foster carers who adopt kids in their care and the ridiculous and uncaring proposal to make foster kids pay rent to their foster carers once they turn 16;
  2. Cuts to vision care so that 26,000 pensioners will not be able to access free glasses;
  3. Clawing back $618 per year from pensioners in public housing by taking the income from the federal Labor government’s pension rise;
  4. An ongoing attack on workers via changes to industrial relations laws, capping wage increases below inflation, changes to police death and disability cover, watering down of OH&S legislation, changing electoral laws to shut down the voice of workers and other not for profit organisations and signs that there is more to come;
  5. The negligence shown by the Education Minister that left hundred of kids with disabilities and their families stranded at the side of the road when the Department of Education failed to organise transport for them;
  6. Opening up NSW to uranium exploration;
  7. Breaking their election promise to replace unflued gas heaters in schools around the state – even though the government knows these are dangerous for students;
  8. Joining forces with Fred Nile to have an inquiry into school ethics classes after promising that they would be retained;
  9. Raising public transport fares above inflation at the same time lying about the impact of carbon pricing on public transport; and
  10. Introducing fees for public preschools.


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Feb 29, 2012
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I disagree on social housing rent increases. The former Labor govt did not want this forced reduction in rent either. By cutting the nexus of rents set at 25% of pension you simultaneously raised admin costs (by accounting for that rise being ‘rent’ free for ever) and reduce the money available for maintenance of existing public housing stock (let’s not even discuss expansion). By effectively reducing your rent take you gain a maintenance backlog (more to point you lose opportunity to address existing backlog) that has to be met by axing other programs or selling stock. Bad outcomes for short term political gain.

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Mar 03, 2012
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greg standen

we need to attack the national party for those living west of the blue mountains.paul toole especially member for bathurst who is doing nothing fpr his electroate.could you please fight for the reopening of the blayney demondrille cross country rail we have labor members and supporters who wont this line open please donot abandone us.

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